Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are more than thrilled with the results of the Curl & Style Milk by Shae Moisture. Princess K's hair came out super soft. I didn't have a angry child that didn't want her hair combed onces we ran our fingers through her while taking out the big braids we put in lastnight. The only down side to the experinces was her hair didn't seem as curly. Now I'm not sure if that is due to the product or if her hair is begining to change from the past use of the blow dryer.
All in all I will be sharing this product with others. The small was wonderful,the price didn't break my wallet and Princess K loved the feel of her hair. Here's a picture of the next morning. We will see how well it does tomorrow when I attempt to stlye it.

* As you cam see I havent figured out how to make the pictures stay. Any hints would be more than nice*

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  1. When you're writing your posts put the curser where you want your photo to be than click on the little button that looks like a picture in the tool bar of the text box. From there you'll upload your pic from where ever you have it saved, then add it to your post. It should work.