Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Style

Well after a day of letting her hair just hamg loose and adding the Milk and Curl heres the final product

I also tried usinf the dental elastic bands this go round. I also not only tried this style in two ways I used for the first time Curls " goddess curls" to so her two strand twist.


  1. How do you like the Goddess Curls? I keep hearing about that i may have to scoop some up!

  2. Okay I'm sleep. I just sent a reply to LYGBC that made nosense. I so sorry. I liked the Goddess Curls it seem to hold her two strand twist together a little better than the Curly Q moisture. Princess K enjoyed how it keep her wave in after we took the twist out.

  3. Now I don't have natrual. But I tried Curls Goddness curl and Curls curl creme brule in my hair after a light relaxer touh up. The two products together gave my hair some bounce and a nice crispy wave pattern. O thinks its pretty nice. My haor is not weighed down it soft and I have a natural curl/wave. I'm going to post it in the morning. Hopefully o can get some good feedback since this may be my oldest first day os school duo